My Micromax Canvas HD- why I love it and Hate it!

Well after waiting for nearly a month and a half I received my Canvas HD In March end. I was impressed with its looks and sleek design. However once I started using it I realised that the Hype and demand created for the Micromax Canvas HD is really not worth it.

First of all I had bought the phone for its quad core processor and the rear 8 MP camera which was supposed to be excellent. I soon realised that it did not even match up to my old Samsung Mobile which had a 2 MP camera! Anyone buying the phone for its camera should really think twice... better to go for a Samsung, Sony or Nokia with a 5MP camera than the Micromax Canvas HD.

The screen is quiet good though and I love to play games or watch videos on it. It has a sleek design and is light weight for its 5 inch body compared with a Galaxy Grand or any other 5 inch display mobile. Also the features mentioned on paper are not available on any other phone in this price range.

The phone was given to me after nearly a month and a half and Micromax had given a free cover with the phone to make up for the delay! I soon found out that if I kept the phone in the cover, it would heat up and the phone would crash. I took my phone to the service center but they could not do anything and just rebooted it for me.

I continued facing problems with the phone and it would shut down or hang all the time. After 3 months it crashed completely and I had to take it to the service center again. They took the phone and told me that it will take nearly a month for the company to repair my phone. After waiting for 1 month of for delivery, I had to give it again for repair for 1 month more! However now it seems to be working fine and I love playing with it. But I would suggest users who would like to go for phones and want them to last for more than an year, please go for Nokia, Samsung or other established brands.


By: Silky Malhotra

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