SecretInk lets you send self-destruct messages from your Inbox

PowerInbox, the email platform company has launched a new technology called SecretInk that enables “self-destructing” messages to be sent over email or SMS. The app works online or inside Gmail or any other webmail services using the company’s PowerInbox add-on.

The app allows you to send a message using SecretInk on the web. It does not require you to login and the recipient is alerted via either email or SMS. The SecretInk’s system works with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and other PowerInbox clients. The service also works on SMS which makes it unique from other services like snapchat.

The messaging service comes at a time when Internet security issues are at a rise. Says PowerInbox Chief Product Officer Matt Thazhmon, “we can go on the record stating that we have never been contacted by the NSA to compromise our server. If we ever were, we would shut the service down so the NSA would never read your message.”

The email application enables messages to be sent fully encrypted over the network using HTTPS. “No plain text or message content ever goes through third-party servers,” Thazhmon explains. ”We also remove the message from our servers as soon as it’s opened. No copy is retained or backed up in any way. Messages are never retrievable after they’ve been opened,” he adds.

Self destructing texts and apps are becoming popular now. Snapchat recently received an offer of more than $3 billion from Facebook. Other companies like Privatext, Wickr, Frankly and Gryphn are also trying to get in this space now.


By: Silky Malhotra

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