NPD report: Chromebook sales outperform MacBook sales in 2013

A recent NPD report states that Apple commercial sales in 2013 took a big blow as Chromebook sales outperformed MacBook sales five to one. NPD report adds that from January to November 2013, 14.4 million computing devices including notebooks, desktops and tablets were sold through U.S. commercial channels, an approximately 25.4 percent jump from last year.

Apple's MacBook and iPad lines faced a lot of competition from Google's Android and Chrome as well as Microsoft's mobile Windows machines. Total 1.76 million Google's Chromebook and Android devices were sold in 2013. Chromebooks took up an astounding 9.6 percent of the market from January to November, an increase of 9.4 percent from 2012.

Tablet sales accounted for 22 percent of all computing device sales. NPD report found that across different product segments, Chromebooks accounted for nearly 21 percent of all notebook sales and 8 percent of all computer and tablet sales.

Apple remains a leader in personal computing with 59 percent market share that is almost 15.8 percent of all device sales. Android devices rose upto 8.7 percent of all commercial sales and Windows tablet sales moved to nearly 2.2 percent of the market share.

According to NPD's report HP retained the No 1 spot for all personal computing devices with 30.4 percent market share, followed by Lenovo 23.3 percent and Apple on the third spot with a 16.1 percent unit share.


By: Silky Malhotra

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