Why Facebook's acquisition of Little Eye Labs is significant?

Little Eye Labs, a Bangalore based start up that creates performance analysis and monitoring tools for App developers on the Android platform has received a big 'Like' from Facebook.

It has reportedly been acquired by FB for $10 mn to $15 mn. I think that this deal is significant for the following reasons 

a) First acquisition by FB in India, opening doors for more such in the future
b) Little Eye Labs went from starting to being sold in just 18 months, and got healthy valuations 
c) Indicative of Indian tech firms gaining traction as the product space 
d) Validates belief that its possible to sit in India and create products that cater to global market
e) Most importantly, its a big thumbs up to Incubators/Accelerators in India. Little Eye Labs was incubated by GSF (Accelerator founded by Rajesh Sawhney) over the past year as part of their first batch. Success of GSF would encourage others in building more such accelerators, which are essential for creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country 


By: Silky Malhotra

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