Delhi Government Asks IT Ministry to Block Uber and Ola Apps

It appears that Delhi government has finally asked IT ministry to block apps of app based taxi aggregators including UBER, Ola and Meru while the government takes time to decide on their license application.

While the government had asked the taxi aggregators to stop operations in Delhi and file for licences it the companies are still operating and users can easily hail cabs through them. Why have the app companies continued to operate despite being asked to stop? 

Another is that that, why is the government trying to stop them from operating while taking its own sweet time to decide on the licenses. The fact taxi aggregation was not regulated earlier and the government has introduced new rules for these aggregators under which they have applied for licenses. Why should they and the existing drivers that are part of their system suffer because of government inability to decide quickly? They certainly don’t care for convenience of aam aadmi (passengers) but it seems they also don’t care for the aam aadmi drivers whose livelihood they will disrupt. Why should it? They certainly have given a deadline for the same.

What I am interested in is whether this (blocking by IT ministry) would affect these apps in other part of NCR as well (Gurgaon, Noida etc.)?


By: Kapil

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