Top Reasons For Not Buying Samsung S6

While there is a great amount of positive feedback for the device, there is at least one reason for
you to consider before you part with your hard, cold cash for Samsung S6. The base model comes with 32 GB inbuilt memory. However, 8 GB out of this is used up for the OS and other pre-packaged software leaving only 24 GB of usable memory.

If you are like the vast majority you would not be using most of it. However if you are amongst the few who is likely to have multiple games and videos up on your device your need to be think again if this space is going to be enough for you.
Well I can always expand the memory? You may ask, but Samsung has quietly taken that option off the table. Someone in Samsung determined that only a few customers were using that feature and therefore chose to exclude that from the new devices. However, it could mean there is a serious downside if you are amongst those few and a Samsung fanboy or fangirl. Another reason you may take offence is that Samsung has in the past been promising that it would keep that option open.

There is always the option of buying devices with higher memory (64 GB version for example) but the delta investment is pretty steep versus adding an external memory card.

Anyway, if you are the vast majority your probably would not care. But just something to be mindful of.  

However there are a couple of other reason you may reject the phone for

a) Battery is not replaceable
b) Fingerprint sensor can be quite frustrating to use (unlike iPhone)
c) lack of water proofing
d) the rear camera sticks out

and if you are thinking of using a protective case, then forget S6 edge as all that is beautiful about the phone will get hidden

Well if you are still considering S6 or S6 edge go ahead and buy one of these as the phones are beautiful and something you would cherish owning :)


By: Kapil

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