iPhone 7 full specifications

Here are the full specifications for Apple iPhone 7
  • A faster Quad Core A9 processor. The A9 processor, manufactured using 14-nanometer process makes it more efficient and more powerful 
  • Improved camera speed and performance. Move the lens to DSLR image quality (read 21 mega pixel)
  • The internal tests held within Apple’s departments reveal that the latest device would flaunt a curved display. The Apple iPhone 7 will be the first of its series to have a Quad Full HD resolution.
  • Better battery life and new features such as wireless charging
  • Side wall or back side display - for notifications only
  • 2GB LPDDR4 memory
  • Possible back panel notification panel or a sidewall notification panel
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the home screen rather than just the home button and also a larger display without the home key. The home button would disappear when videos or others apps are shown are running in full screen mode and appear on tapping the phone. It would appear where it usually is in the home screen mode.
  • Lightning quick and reversible USB charger


By: Kapil

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