Google launches 'Buy' button that allows users to purchase products directly from ads

Google has announced a new 'Buy Button' for smartphone users that makes it easier for consumers to buy products from advertisements. According to a blog post, Google has started testing this feature, "Purchases on Google," with a select group of merchants.

Users will be able to see a "buy" button along with some paid-for search results and by clicking on the button they will be redirected to a page where they can buy the advertised product. The retailers will be responsible for selling and shipping their products to consumers. Google spokeswoman Crystal Dahlen stated that they will add more retailers over the year. The new feature will allow Google to compete with market places Amazon and ebay.

Staples executive vice president Faisal Masud said in the press release, "This launch will also help us learn more about our customers buying behavior. We know that for the retail industry as a whole, mobile conversion has not been growing as fast as mobile traffic, but now merchants will be able to leverage Google searches to buy instantly." 

Jason LaRose, Chief Revenue Officer, Digital at Under Armour echoes a similar sentiment: "As the consumer continues to rapidly adopt mobile as their primary device, we have to move at a similar pace in how we reduce purchase friction and enhance the user experience with our brand. Google's technology solutions help us innovate, so our collaborative efforts are rich and ongoing.”


By: Silky Malhotra

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