Google unveils a new logo

Google has unveiled a new logo at the time of a major restructuring in the company. Google which is a part of a new holding company Alphabet with Sundar Pichai as CEO. The internet giant has introduced a new sans-serif and slightly toned-down four-colour logo. Google showcased the new design with an animation that wiped away the old logo and drew the new one.

The company said in a blogpost, “Google has changed a lot over the past 17 years – from the range of our products to the evolution of their look and feel. And today we’re changing things up once again. It doesn’t simply tell you that you’re using Google, but also shows you how Google is working for you. For example, new elements like a colorful Google mic help you identify and interact with Google whether you’re talking, tapping or typing. Meanwhile, we’re bidding adieu to the little blue ‘g’ icon and replacing it with a four-color ‘G’ that matches the logo.”

Google has recently announced major restructuring of the company, owned by a new holding company Alphabet. Alphabet will have founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page as President and CEO respectively. Alphabet will look after the company's other projects like robot cars, medical research and internet-delivering balloons. While the smaller company Google, will be headed by CEO Sundar Pichai and will include the company's core internet businesses. The businesses will be: "search, ads, maps, apps, YouTube and Android and the related technical infrastructure," announced the company in a blog post. 


By: Silky Malhotra

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