Creators of Leapdroid Android emulator join Google

Creators of Leapdroid, a free Android emulator which was released in June this year, have joined Google. The founders have stated that they will be discontinuing Leapdroid as they start their new journey with Google.

This seems like the end of Leapdroid which was launched five months back ‘as the fastest and most powerful emulator and game player on PC for free’, by its creators. The emulator’s benchmarks showed that it was better than its peers in games, which is the admittedly the most taxing of all apps. The company’s co-founders Huan Ren and Huihong Luo have stated that they are joining Google, and LeapDroid itself isn’t part of the acquisition. The company will also be withdrawing support from its current customers.

The company’s founders Huan Ren and Huihong Luo stated on Leapdroid’s website, “Today, we’re excited to announce the next phase of our journey — we are joining Google. While it’s too soon to comment on specific plans, we look forward to working with our new colleagues at Google to continue pushing the frontier of technology.”

They added, “We have decided to discontinue the development of LeapDroid emulator as we focus on our next adventure at Google”.


By: Silky Malhotra

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